Brandy Terry ‘Centenario’ - Terry (1 l)

Brandy Terry ‘Centenario’ - Terry (1 l)
Brandy Terry ‘Centenario’ - Terry (1 l) Brandy Terry ‘Centenario’ - Terry (1 l)
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Brandy Terry ‘Centenario’ by Terry

Spain’s Number 1 Brandy…

Even though Terry ‘Centenario’ is the best-selling Brandy in Spain, it has international connections. The Terry family, which founded the ‘Bodegas Terry’ in the 1850s, originally came from Southern Ireland. The name ‘Centenario’ means ‘centenary’, evoking the change at the beginning of to the twentieth century, when the Terry family began producing brandies in its ‘bodegas’ in Puerto de Santa María.

‘Solera’ Brandy is produced exclusively with distilled wine spirit and aged using the traditional ‘Solera’ system in oak butts which have previously been seasoned with Sherry. ‘Centenario’ Brandy has a characteristic aroma and flavour, making it a brandy for all occasions, whether on the rocks, straight or mixed.

Contents: 1 Litre
Alcohol by Volume: 30%

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